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Iktsua is a mangling of the Inuit word “Iktsuarpok”. This word is untranslatable into english but means something like: “The feeling of anticipation that leads you to go outside and check if anyone is coming”. The reason we chose this as the name was because the game is based on a coming of age story, where an Inuit/Eskimo boy goes into the wilderness to become a man while his family anxiously waits for his return.

In the game, you go off into the wilderness and have to learn to adventure and hunt to survive. Eventually you will grow into a man. At this point you return to your village and are married (and have a son). During this time your son grows. This does not end the game however, and you continue to play as a village man providing for the village. Eventually your son turns the same age you were at the beginning of the game. At this point the game play switches to the son and you are sent back into the wilderness.

The wilderness does not stay the same, however.


The game is currently in an open-alpha type state. It was created for a competition in one month. We entered the competition in an attempt to earn the top prize: Unity Pro. We won the competition and are working to implement new features available to us now that we have Unity Pro! Thanks for your help!





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Development Blogs

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