Mika Tika

Alpha Funding

Mika~Tika is currently in the alpha phase. To get access to the alpha and other special features you can pre-order the game for .99$. The full version of the game will cost 2.99$. (Those who pre-order the alpha will receive the final version for free)


Note: Download currently includes windows .exe and android .apk

Mika~Tika is a puzzle platform game based on a simple color palette. The game was inspired by the pokemon puzzles involving sliding on ice. The goal is to manipulate the levels by sliding and colliding blocks to create a path to the goal. However, as the game progresses this becomes easier said then done, you will need all your wits to avoid traps and get Mika safely to the checkered flag! This game will be available for Android, Windows, iOS, and mac.

Where do my funds go?

  • Webhosting for the online database of user levels
  • Assets (like music and art)
  • Development expenses (like iOS developer fees)
  • Food and coffee to keep us working!
  • Getting a game!

Full Version Features

  • 100+ Puzzles
  • Costumes
  • A Level editor
  • Online user level database



  • We are proud to be a  @Razer  Chroma partner. Shadows of Her Past will have full Chroma support for the entire line!… https://t.co/uK28umGy3n
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