Iktsua is a mangling of the Inuit word “Iktsuarpok”. This word is untranslatable into english but means something like: “The feeling of anticipation that leads you to go outside and check if anyone is coming”.


Since the conclusion of the Reaper Wars nearly a half a century ago, life has dramatically changed for those living in the Nation of Lotte. The landscape now shattered, their buildings drowned, and the beloved Queen Hermielle gone; a martyr to their freedom. Although challenging, the citizens of Lotte managed to adapt to their new lifestyle under the lead of Mathias Tillington. What little they knew that their Queen survived, and not just through their bard’s tales. Beneath the town of Kaepe she slumbered, banished and betrayed by the ones she once considered friends, separated from the beauties and colors of life she had once taken for granted. There she has sat for the last fifty years, unaware that the forces of darkness she once thought defeated were slowly creeping into her mind.


Elette is a haunted tower defense game with a heavy focus on action and branching storylines. Take control of Mathias and his friends as they defend their nation against the oncoming undead horde!


Bloom is the Accord’s homage to N64 platformers. At its heart it is a love letter to exploration adventure games of years past. Play as James, a boy who has a way with plants. When Jame’s sister, Jasmin is kidnapped by Salty, the king of the foxes, James sets out to save her.

  • The Shadows of Her Past beta sign up is now open once more! Travel through key memory fragments as Hermielle to bat…
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