This page is and will always be a work in progress, It is the Indie Accord’s personal game development resource page and is added to and changed as we grow and learn. It can be used a a game development resource page for those generally interested in game dev.


  • Are the controls responsive, easy to use, and perfectly executed?
  • Is the concept fun throughout?
  • Is the learning curve fun?


  • Are all images used un-stretched? Are they all high enough quality for every resolution?
  • Can you skip every cutscene?
  • Contrast Test: Take screenshots of the game and turn them grayscale. Can you still read and understand everything? Does the main character stand out? Is your eye still drawn to the where it is supposed to be?
  • Does the character have a memorable profile? Is he recognizable in just a black and white image? Example of Husky from Iktsua:huskyprofile
  • Does the game provide positive feedback to the player?
  • Is the UI optimized and easy to understand/use?
  • Is the game’s audio and visual style consistent throughout?


  • Website
  • Dev-Log
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • RSS Feed
  • Trailer
    • Is the footage full resolution and framerate? No stuttering?
  • Demo
  • Press Kit
    • Screenshots
    • Video
    • Press Coverage
    • Game Info
    • Fact Sheet
    • Logos
    • Awards

Is the Game Finished?

  • Does your game have sound? (Don’t laugh, it is easy to forget!)
  • Get someone to try to play the game all the way through, don’t say anything at all(Its hard). Can they go through the whole game? Do they get frustrated? Did they find glitches or do something you didn’t want them to? If they did, figure out how to fix it.


We did not come up with all of these. In fact most of it was conglomerated from other sources. The ones that we could find are listed below:



  • The Shadows of Her Past beta sign up is now open once more! Travel through key memory fragments as Hermielle to bat…
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