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Elette is a haunted tower defense game with a heavy focus on action and branching storylines. Take control of Mathias and his friends as they defend their nation against the oncoming undead horde!

After the events of the Reaper Wars, Lotte had become a shattered nation. Under the rule of Mathias, the citizens managed to rebuild some of their once proud nation. After years of reconstruction, the island nation of Lotte is soon threatened by a darker, more vile threat; one that had been sleeping since the Reaper Wars. Take control of Mathias as he fights for his life against the invading horde in this haunted tower defense game!


  • Fully branching story-line
  • Unique abilities and upgrades!
  • Full HD cut-scenes and graphics in the HD version!
  • Endless game play
  • Story & world shrouded in mystery
  • 20 Achievements to collect with a bonus for gathering them all!

 Press & Reviews


C’T Magazine 2013 Holiday Issue: Top Games of 2013

IndieDB’s Freedom Friday (12/5/2013)

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Reviews & Comments

“I really liked the concept of the game. The style was very endearing as well.”

“Chills down my spine!”

“If Tim Burton made video games, this is exactly what I would expect!”

Development Blogs

We are proud to present Elette v2.0! After our soft release we got a lot of good feedback from game-jolters and other playtesters. They unanimously...

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Welcome to Elette: State of the Game Pt 2. If you have not yet read the first part and would like to, please feel free...

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In celebration of roughly one month until the release of Elette, the website has been totally themed to match the game’s style! Expect much more...

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Greetings from The Accord. This is somewhat of an exciting post due to the amount of changes we have prepared for Elette, which is expected...

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