The Accord is a group of indie game developers whose goal is to deliver unique, quirky, and interesting games with the utmost quality. We are made of many members and friends, with Zach Taylor, Jer Taylor, and Hunter Dubel forming the core. One of our main goals is to create a talented group of people who can work together on many projects, with members joining and contributing to sub-teams organically. This allows us to share our expertise while simultaneously receiving help and advice in our weak areas.



At any time you may find some or all of the following people working on Accord games.

Zach Taylor, Admiral of Digits
Jer Taylor, Secretary of Art, Elvish Relations
Hunter Dubel, Chairman of the Private Sector


Amalee Craig, Sith Lord
Christopher Salcido, Composer
Ross Carr, Art/Modelling
Samuel Widzy, Sound/Music