We are proud to present Elette v2.0! After our soft release we got a lot of good feedback from game-jolters and other playtesters. They unanimously loved the graphics, but were underwhelmed by the gameplay. In this version we have revamped the gameplay to include 5 different kinds of arrows, and 2 new kinds of zombies. You must be careful to manage your arrows and to shoot the correct arrow at the different kinds of zombies.This should be very close to the full and final game, let us know what you think!

v2.0 Changelog:

Added in Stamina and extra HUD Elements for it
Added a tutorial
Tweaked difficulty (especially on first level)
Added in armored zombies
Sound effects for arrows
Arrow effect when colliding
External sound loading
Fading in and out of levels
Sped up levels if you are doing too good for them
Removed Bomb power up
Fixed musical glitch when losing the final leves
Added more wolves going in both directions to the balcony level
Added in damage effect
Changed story screen
Changed lose screen
Added Credits
Fixed depth glitch of clouds
Removed piano song
Added heart effect in last level
Fixed glitch where falling zombies give a lot of points
Esc key goes to menu

You can download Elette from the Games page.