Iktsua: Monthly Video Update!

Hello Again Everyone :)

I just wanted to announce the first of our monthly updates. Our goal is to have a video update showing what we are working on, followed by a demo 2 weeks later of the new features. Sound good? Cool. The first video touches on:

    New Village
    New Fog
    New Lighting

Let us know what you think! The demo will be coming around Sep 15th!

Website http://www.theindieaccord.com/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/IndieAccord

Twitter https://twitter.com/TheIndieAccord

Iktsua: Procedural Forest Development

I began to play around with implementing trees in Iktsua today. I started with the basic tree model from the talented JerIn3D. I created a couple of the trees randomly spaced in a forest biome.

TREE1The trees were a bit boring, so I varied the heights and rotations.

TREE2The trees looked really close together so  I tried to space them out.

TREE3Things started to look better (to my programmer’s eye), but I noticed something while walking through the trees, they were all sort of uniformly spaced and sized. The random was too random, you could tell what I was doing. You can see that the trees are all close in size and spaced evenly apart:

TREE5_badI tried to think about how trees actually worked, and I have no idea if I am right, but I thought maybe the larger trees could have some smaller trees clumped near their base. Perhaps the larger tree dropped some seeds and the saplings grew up near it? Anyway, I tried making the tallest trees have a couple of smaller trees clumped around their base, the result looks a lot more organic to me:



And the final result in game:


Let us know what you think about anything (the models, the colors, the programming, the biome logic)! I would be especially interested in your ideas about how to make the forests look realistic and interesting while still randomly generating them.


-Zach (iamscissors) 



As always, any support you can offer (either monetary or by simply playing our game) is greatly appreciated!

Iktsua: Screen Shot Saturday


Hello everyone! I just wanted to do a quick update for #screenshotsaturday! It features the giant walrus that I have been using to test with.

I have been focusing on the walrus in Iktsua this week. It used to be the yak AI, with some slightly tweaked values but now it is its own (much better) thing! I have also put in all the walrus sounds that our sound designer, Widzy has provided us, and they sound great! Expect a new alpha sometime in the next 2-3 days with the upgraded enemy as well as a couple other features.

Short and Sweet! See you guys later!


Bloom Release

Bloom is a collecting adventure game with several different environments and an array of colorful characters. Play as James, a boy who has a way with plants. James and Jasmine act as the guardians of the vast world of Arlon. When Jasmine is kidnapped by Salty, the king of the foxes, James sets out to save her. You will need to work together with a beauty queen elephant, a lazy mole, and a completely insane mayor to save Jasmin, all while traveling through, discovering, and helping various plants bloom.

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Iktsua Alpha!

Help Iktsua get finished! (dont worry we dont need your money)

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to do a quick news post about what is happening with Iktsua. We have been hard at work taking care of all of the bugs and balancing issues in the first alpha. Last night we released the 3rd alpha, which has a lot of the issues fixed.

We have also entered Iktsua in a little contest at 64digits. It would mean the world to us if you would go vote for it (or your other favorite game) (You must register first). If we won the competition we would win Unity pro, which would allow us to really make Iktsua shine with better visuals, feel, programming, and maybe even online play.

That being said we plan to add the following features in the future:

  • A husky dog for you to hunt with
  • A dogsled
  • More bosses
  • More environments and biomes
  • A falcon (maybe? let us know)
  • A completely upgraded and redone story that spans multiple lifetimes of your character
  • Visual improvements

Thanks for all your support! I am really excited to make this game!


Happy Holidays

From everyone here at the Accord, we hope you and your family had a wonderful and safe holiday season. We have so much planned for this year and are wasting no time jumping right to work! Last year was a success with the release of Elette and having it in C’T Magazine.

Here is to 2014 and to celebrate, below is a piece of concept art of Hermielle designed by Jer Taylor.

Just in time for Halloween!

We are proud to present Elette v2.0! After our soft release we got a lot of good feedback from game-jolters and other playtesters. They unanimously loved the graphics, but were underwhelmed by the gameplay. In this version we have revamped the gameplay to include 5 different kinds of arrows, and 2 new kinds of zombies. You must be careful to manage your arrows and to shoot the correct arrow at the different kinds of zombies.This should be very close to the full and final game, let us know what you think!

v2.0 Changelog:

Added in Stamina and extra HUD Elements for it
Added a tutorial
Tweaked difficulty (especially on first level)
Added in armored zombies
Sound effects for arrows
Arrow effect when colliding
External sound loading
Fading in and out of levels
Sped up levels if you are doing too good for them
Removed Bomb power up
Fixed musical glitch when losing the final leves
Added more wolves going in both directions to the balcony level
Added in damage effect
Changed story screen
Changed lose screen
Added Credits
Fixed depth glitch of clouds
Removed piano song
Added heart effect in last level
Fixed glitch where falling zombies give a lot of points
Esc key goes to menu

You can download Elette from the Games page.

Elette: State of the Game II

Elette HD

Welcome to
Elette: State of the Game Pt 2. If you have not yet read the first part and
would like to, please feel free to visit here.

Part 2 is all
about the mechanics, under the hood, and major changes that have occurred to
Elette. Since the last State of the Game, the Elette Alpha has been released
and can be downloaded on Facebook or on our website.

Elette HD

In Elette the enemies will attack you with various strategies in order to push you back. Should they succeed twice, it is game over in theory. What we introduced in the Alpha is a looping system that allows the player to continuously battle the swarms of enemies and gather upgrades until you can easily overcome them. This allows for each level to become easier as it is replayed. This also will allow for a more dynamic approach at the game, making each play-through a bit more unique than the previous. Whether you prevail on your first attempt or become stuck in an endless battle is your decision.

Elette HD

One of the biggest features of Elette is the ability to find multiple endings depending on
how you play the game, and how you level up Mathias. Below is the level select
screen. As you play through the game, winning a level will move you up and forward a level and losing will move you down. If you lose more than twice the game ends and you see one of the five endings. However, just because you have reached an ending does not mean the game is over. Each skill you earned in the levels will carry over if you restart the story. So even if you lose miserably twice in a row you will have made some bit of progress. The rough outline of the current skill tree can be seen below:

Elette HD

In addition to helping you reach the ultimate ending playing through the levels with newer and
newer skills will allow you to unlock new features and content in the game. There are many combinations of skills, many have prerequisites to unlock the stronger and more deadly combination attacks.

Elette is expected to launch this October just in time for Halloween. We hope you will play the Alpha and give us feedback so that we may make the game even better for you! Thanks for reading the State of the Game and we shall see you on the front lines!

Elette HD

Elette HD


In celebration of roughly one month until the release of Elette, the website has been totally themed to match the game’s style!
Expect much more news in the coming weeks!

    Elette State of the Game Part II
    Elette Alpha and Beta Tests
    Unique Elette give-a-ways!

If anyone is interested in participating in the alpha/beta, please contact us through a comment, private message, facebook, twitter, or from our website.


For the Alpha, you can fill out this form.